Environmentally Sustainable Technologies

Environmentally Sustainable Technologies

At SMEC Power at Technology we are committed to environmentally sustainable practices within our areas of operation as outlined in our policies and procedures.

With environmental sustainability as a core value our people seek to respect, preserve and manage the environments in which we operate.

Our environmental practices are evaluated regularly to ensure changing operational, environmental and political climate are reflected in our policies and procedures to guarantee best practice.

Our commitment to environmentally sustainable practice has led to research and development into new environmentally sustainable technologies. These new technologies provide our clients with an energy smart solution, which improves energy efficiency and significantly reduces the operational costs for our clients.

For more information on our new environmentally sustainable technologies please contact us.


Our focus at Smart VOD is to provide our clients with an energy smart solution, to improve energy efficiency and significantly reduce operational costs, whilst maintaining air quality and safety.



SMEC Drives & Enclosures provides quality solutions for mining, rural and commercial applications, based on our Soft Starter and Variable Speed Drives. Select one of our standard designs or we can custom build to your specifications.


Renewable energy is the fastest growing energy source in the world and as the demand for renewable energy grows, so does the need for energy efficient and environmentally sustainable storage solutions.

our values

Technology and innovation are core competencies of our business.

With a focus on improved productivity and reduction in energy consumption we have been able to assist our clients through energy process efficiency and ensure financial and environmental benefits.

Our businesses, Smart VOD, SMEC Drives and Enclourses and UPS VRSB, represent our extensive and proven capabilities on ensuring energy process efficiency for our client.

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